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3 Month Old’s Digital Footprint

Our new little baby is not even 3 months old and she already has a pretty good size digital foot print.


She has been tagged in a crazy number of photos on Facebook. Through Twitter, again, photos of her as attachments or through Instagram have been added. Some friends are still pushing for her to have her own Twitter account, ha ha, but in a way that is still a way she has been referred to online. I created an email account for our little gal right after she was born, as well. That was a great decision, and I am glad I did so. I have been able to send her news about many milestone updates and just random messages for future her to read.
Sometimes I wonder if it was my right to share these pictures of her. I think because social media is such a norm it is probably not a big deal, and she might not know any different. But, when she’s a teenager, will cute, chubby cheek pictures all over the internet of her be an issue? I really don’t know. And, it is not possible to truly remove them forever. So, when do I stop sharing? How do I balance out the fun of sharing  about our new exciting addition and her right to privacy?
First post from this new mom… Many drafts started. Will I ever have time to finish anything again? Guess that is another topic for another day.