If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

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3 Month Old’s Digital Footprint

Our new little baby is not even 3 months old and she already has a pretty good size digital foot print.


She has been tagged in a crazy number of photos on Facebook. Through Twitter, again, photos of her as attachments or through Instagram have been added. Some friends are still pushing for her to have her own Twitter account, ha ha, but in a way that is still a way she has been referred to online. I created an email account for our little gal right after she was born, as well. That was a great decision, and I am glad I did so. I have been able to send her news about many milestone updates and just random messages for future her to read.
Sometimes I wonder if it was my right to share these pictures of her. I think because social media is such a norm it is probably not a big deal, and she might not know any different. But, when she’s a teenager, will cute, chubby cheek pictures all over the internet of her be an issue? I really don’t know. And, it is not possible to truly remove them forever. So, when do I stop sharing? How do I balance out the fun of sharing  about our new exciting addition and her right to privacy?
First post from this new mom… Many drafts started. Will I ever have time to finish anything again? Guess that is another topic for another day.

The World Feels Scarier? or More Positive?

The question of the feel of the world has come up a few times now.


My husband and I have talked about the upcoming 2012 and idea of Doomsday in the past. When the movie first came out – which I refused to watch with him – the feel around the school and with other people I know was one of demise. Media has this way of getting our emotions just-a-stirrin’!

So, now that the hype of the ‘movie’ has died down, I’ve noticed some other changes. I am fairly connected in the social media world. I don’t add content as often as I’d like, maybe as I should, and definitely not as often as others do, but I am still connected. Through this I’ve come to notice a sorta of feel of change, or a positive vibe. I follow many educators, so that may add a bias, but the tone of possibility and direction seems to be a constant.

Again, this is what I see.

This is what I notice.

But, I have also had some recent conversations (face-to-face) with colleagues and parents of students, and, the feel that they are projecting is that of a much scarier, more negative world. Of course, since this seemed completely opposite of my feelings these days I prompted for reasons.

The answers made me think. Some of the responses I received were that through Facebook and other online social networking, people should be careful. They believe that kids are more bullied. Kids aren’t safe. They also admitted that they don’t know what their kids are doing on there. Some said they will not allow their kids to have access, if they can help it, as they themselves do not even have accounts. They felt all they ever hear anymore is the negativity of the world – on the news, and through hearsay from others.

Fear of the unknown?

My re-torque was, “Well, what do you see?” “Where do you get your information?” I shared that I see things differently. One teacher and parent talked about how it is a shame that kids that are homosexual have been bullied and in the end have committed suicide. I agreed, of course. They also said, that these kids were on social networking sites and so therefore those sites are negative. I asked, but have you seen the responses? The circles, groups, backlash from society has been huge! Ellen Degeneres has used her media connections to add a public voice. Ellen is on Facebook, Twitter, TV, in magazines, etc, and her number of followers, or people she reaches is even more amazing. When she adds her support of acceptance, and tolerance, and others agree, look at the power we have to change the negativity! Look at the possibilities!

One act of hate is responded to by millions of acts of love! – was my response.

Nowadays, it seems that the negative/haters are becoming a minority. The power of those that want positive change and a feeling of love to take over has risen. We are uniting for good. That is the feel I am noticing. But I am also connected. I also see it.

It isn’t all rosy, but as is the case with the alcoholic that is kept in the closet and all words about him are hushed – he remains an alcoholic, with little or no supports, alone with his affliction. If his problem was brought to surface and those around him knew, perhaps some changes could be made. His peers would have dry parties, and he’d feel welcomed. The main thing is he wouldn’t be alone, he wouldn’t be able to hide, and change would be necessary. Others could even talk about how they overcame their affliction, again not alone.

I hope that the people I have chatted to recently join the world network so they can see what people are doing to inspire change, to connect through positive energy and demonstrate that we have the support and the numbers. Personal fear of the unknown can difficult. So perhaps it is simply that. They are not fearing a more negative world, but a fear of what they have yet to become part of.


I’m sure you’ve all seen Stand By Me, Playing for Change, and it is still a favourite. Enjoy another video connecting those around the world in the race for positive change.

Let’s get together and feel alright…


Looking out for number 12

«I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure: which is: Try to please everybody.» — Herbert B. Swope

«Live in moment, every day is the new beginning of life and every night is the end of life.» — Santosh Kalwar

«Humans should believe in the power of living for just one day, those who want to live for tomorrow are not living.» — Santosh Kalwar

Teachers are… what?

Givers. Compassionate. Driven. Future thinkers. Loyal. Kind. Devoted.

Actually, many people, regardless of career are all of these things.

I guess what’s been on my mind lately is how, if we are such givers and caring people, we are able to also still balance and look out for ourselves when we are better at looking out for others?

Which should be looking out for Number 1… but in reality is probably something like, Number 12.

Family and friends can challenge our trueness to ourselves. They can’t make us do anything, but through them we can make excuses and therefore do things that we would rather or ordinarily not do because we love them and sometimes it is hard to say no or not just put their needs above our own.

It is okay to put yourself out there to do something for someone. And, as my mom used to always say, to do something genuinely, you do it without expecting thanks. I agree with that. And I comply with that.

But I suppose what I am getting at here is that although we do things and try to do them in a self less manner, it can really still begin wearing on a person if they don’t stop and listen to their own needs. Do do do do do… for others – fine, but not without stopping and DOing for yourself.

What do you need?

A hot bath, with candles, tea and gentle jazz?

A spa treatment with a girlfriend?

To play a regular sport and get some exercise?

A night out listening to some live music, enjoying a bevy, and just simply being happy without thought of the future of work or others?

That’s what I needed last night and that’s what got me thinking… I need to do a few more things for me, just cuz I want to, not because someone else said so. And for me, not with my bestest friends, hubby or other (unless that’s what I want). Just for me. Not all the time, but sometimes. Something to look forward to and enjoy in a calm, because I like to and want to, type of way.

Music makes me happy, keeps me balanced and touches my soul. So, that’s one of my medicines for looking out for Numero Uno —- WHAT’S Your MEDICINE??

And perhaps, if I want to and when it feels right, I’ll start playing again and maybe join a little band… hmm 🙂

«Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.» — Lao Tzu

«The more you love music, the more music you love.» — Tom Moon

«If it weren’t for music, I would think that love is mortal.» — Mark Helprin

Awe yes,

«Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness.» — Maya Angelou

The Dalai Lama Talks About Compassion and Respect

It is so easy to listen to and respect the kind, intelligent compassionate, adorable face of the Dalai Lama.

He speaks on Compassion and Respect.