If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done. — Ludwig Wittgenstein


Clicking through twitter just after the new year kicked in I came across a tweet about the 100 push-up challenge. Well, I was feeling rather frumpy, weak, and of course lazy as most do after the week of feasting has finished.

Well, I chatted to my husband about it and he said he was up for the challenge since he was feeling similar. We have since signed up for the challenge.

Now, I say signed up like we paid money, or committed in some way, but no. We simply decided why not. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution or anything like that. Just feels like, why not?

So here is the tweet that started it:

TheHomeworkDog Homework DogS
it-ups, squats, etc #temt RT @nharm: 100 pushup challenge:http://bit.ly/fPW3la #pushups #health
Here is the website that explains how to do a proper push-up, sit-up, squat, etc. Also, the first 6 weeks to getting you on your way to completing the challenge are all laid out as well. http://www.hundredpushups.com/challenge.html
Are you up for the challenge?
We are starting week two next week and already I feel an improvement. We are keeping track of our progress and growth on a google spreadsheet which I will post later.
Thank you,  good luck and you can do it too!
Check in with your doctor and/or parents. I did have some rather sore students after their first day as well.

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