If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

Sitting in the Docs Office

Well thank goodness for my iPhone it is getting me through my long wait at the doctor’s office. I absolutely adore my doctor. I haven’t had a doctor to call mine in some time. As a student one moves often and of course walk in clinics are your friend then.
I have not had my doctor long only a few years and have since moved again. This led me on a quest to find q new doctor. I’ve gone to a few and none, not one has satisfied me. The only majorly good thing about these other dctors is that their wait times are almost non existent. Meaning you go in at the time you are booked.
My current favorite doctor has crazy long wait times. Book at noon seen at six. It is silly actually but that is just how he is.
It almost makes you feel less important but then you realize that he is trying to make everyone feel important. He does not like to turn people away. If they ever legalize cloning, this man better be on he top of the list!
He is good. He cares when you are seen. He listens. He calls the specialist in front of you so you know it is dealt with. He takes you to his office and updates yours file. He gives you a hug because he can tell you need one. If I have something that needs to be dealt with quick I’ll go to a walk in clinic or to another local doctor.
But for now I can’t continue my search. I am not ready to move on. I will continue the hour and a bit drive unless the roads are super bad and the maybe I will have to cheat a little.
Time to find a power outlet. I need some juice to get through my emails.

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