If people did not do silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done. — Ludwig Wittgenstein

The holidays have kicked in officially and so I have a spare moment or two to check through some unread blogs in my Google Reader. Of course, that makes me think I should post something seeing as how I have been lacking big time in that area. I think the ‘lack’ of personal blogging is easy to explain when I feel like I am blogging everyday at school while I help my students with their own blogging.

So, my post tonight is simple. I want to share and hopefully get some feedback about what direction to go next with my students. Or what direction they should go.

Here is a glimpse at a reflection post the students did. They needed to come up with criteria for their blogs. In other words, what they want to include and think they should include and how that is going to make the blogs more productive, educational, and reflective.

One students blog said:

The Reason For All This….?

Posted by susanna on December 7, 2010

Why have a blog? Why, why, why? Today, Our class brain-stormed about this question. Here are the goals, standards, and purposes of my blog. Knowing all the purposes of my blog is really useful so I can achieve these purposes and feel good about my blog, instead of thinking it’s a pile of rubble.  See below:

Another student brainstormed and displayed her ideas of what her vision and goals are for her blog as well.



My Criteria for My Blog

This is what I would like to do on my blog:

There are a couple things that I want to ask you.  And things I want you to know about me.

This includes my favorite things, school as assignments, and some things that I want to know about you.

I’ll likely update this again later or reflect onto it, as I see some of the students still have their posts saved as drafts and I don’t want to share those yet.

Through the discussions with the students the main concern they have, and what may be slowing down their drive to blog more, is simple. They want to be connected.

Our Principal, Mr. Couros, has created a safe environment for the students to be able to blog and network with one another. As our school is unique in having more like 4 different schools and sites under just one principal the blogging will allow us to be connected.

That all being said, the classrooms all have a blog, but only a few classrooms have their individual students connected thus far (our classroom here). With not all classes having 1-1 computer access (yet) and some of the sites only having the students 1-2 days per week, it is slow. It is coming, and the learning is there, but I know my class is still not satisfied.

So, What am I asking for? I suppose I’m not asking for much, or perhaps just patience for myself because the growth and everything has been huge in just the first few months of school. So, really, I am super happy! Pumped even! The students are blogging from home now too which allows lends a smile to me when I see something posted and updated that wasn’t assigned, or suggested. Okay, I’ll be more patient, because as I reflect, positive, quick progress has been occurring. Yay!

As the students are still private, their window of connections is still quite small. I do have one student that has already gone public and my hopes is that through her and myself we can continue to make some more outside connections and share with other classes.

Any feedback as to what a student’s blog should consist of would be wonderful. We are moving it into more of an ePortfolio style blog, but there remains room for personal reflection of items other than just an assignment or project they have completed.

Or if any classroom blogs would like to share their address for us to connect with that would also be wonderful.

Thank you for reading this bedtime ramble.

Happy Holidays!

Comments on: "Quick Bedtime Ramble and Share about my Student’s Blogs" (2)

  1. A great post and some very insightful student comments! My school is about to begin to travel down the blogging path and I’d love to share this post with them to start the discussion about content/audience.

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